Why Timber Cladding Has Become A Staple Feature In New Residential Designs?

If you have taken a look at some of the most recent home designs in Australia, you will definitely have come across a variety of cladding designs which mainly make use of timber and wood products. This is not done only due to the unique appeal of wood: there are many reasons why natural wooden cladding has become the preferred choice everywhere, ranging from simple, basic designs to the best architectural works of famous home designers.
Here is a comprehensive list of ideal features that make wooden cladding so popular nowadays. You might be surprised to see that wood is still one of the go-to-materials when it comes to construction work.

Economical and Easy to Procure

One of the main reasons why there are so many modern weatherboard homes around for sale is partly due to the relative abundance of wood as a building material. Purchasing wooden materials in bulk is also not expensive, thus making it possible to use the material extensively in any type of construction project. Even people with a modest budget can get away with applying exterior wooden cladding to their newly built home.

Design Versatility

A wooden weatherboard for homes can be easily designed according to the customer’s tastes and desires. Wood is easy to work with, leading manufacturers to create as many designs as they can possibly make. Wood can also be easily painted over, decorated or even be used in conjunction with other materials to create intricate patterns that might be hard to replicate otherwise.

Naturally Eye Pleasing

Wooden structures have their own unique appeal, which is definitely not obtainable with anything else. This can be combined with a great home design to create a comforting, yet modern-looking environment that perfectly suits a home or residential place. It is also worth noting that wood naturally ages to create a beautiful spectrum of colours depending on the location, climate, length of the day, etc.

Long Lasting

The long-lasting nature of wooden cladding is yet another point in its favour, being able to comfortably sustain long periods of use and abuse without breaking or deteriorating. If you take good care of the cladding surface, you can expect it to last years, if not decades or even much more. Due to this, wooden cladding can be thought of as a very good way to spend your money. Visit this link http://www.weathertex.com.au/products/ if you are interested in wood cladding.

Better Insulation Properties

Wood is an insulator, meaning that wooden cladding can help keep your home’s interior temperature constant, regardless of what is going on outside. Wood is much less susceptible to changes in temperature than any metal, like steel, or even concrete, which can dramatically heat up during periods of intense sunlight.