4 Steps To Take Designing An Interior Space

More and more people are not paying attention to make their interior spaces look good. Whether it be homes, offices, restaurants or anything, people want their interior spaces to be designed well. This is a good opportunity for all the interior designers out there as this brings work and a lot of opportunities to try out new things. Here are a few steps you should take to give your clients better service.

Talk to the clients first

This is something that every designer should do. You will obviously get a briefing and a few pointers but it is really important to get to know your client and see what they want. Unlike a company logo or a poster, when it comes to designing an interior space there are a lot of things people expect and it is very important for you to know these. Sometimes the client might even not know what they want and it\’s your job to show it to them.

Get an idea of the space and its intended use

Once you know what the client wants do some research. There will most certainly be similar spaces designed before so look up on what features they have and how they are executed. For example if your client wants to design an office space features like finest suspended acoustic baffles might be useful. Having a clear idea of the space you have to work with will get your creativity flowing and will give you a set of problems to solve and knowing how this space will be used can guide you on the path to solving the problems.

What elements should be used

Once you know what to do and how you\’re going to do it you need to start thinking about the materials and tools. This is where you need to have an idea on the technical side of products. Depending on what the client asked you might have to work with things ranging all the way from plywood partitions to acoustic panels. Even if you haven’t worked with these things before you can easily find information about them and that is what design in all about. To gain more information about this acoustic panels you can see this page for more ideas.


No matter what your vision is there will always be a set of constraints for your work. This might be financial, something to do with the brand or what the client wants. It is very important to know what these constraints are so you can work around them.Designing interior spaces can be awesome. By following these steps you can be assured that your clients will be happy with what you create